History of the Area

Islands of Capri history:

Leland L. Dock Loach was the guiding force behind the development of the Isles of Capri, after he bought the 4 mangrove islands completing over 600 acres, in 1955. Tennessee born Loach had dreams of producing a hide-away fishing retreat. He starts digging up canals, then built a water processing plant, and a roadway which connected his pride and joy to the mainland. Today the Isles of Capri is renowned for its fantastic fishing and peaceful appeal. Prior to 1955, the only local was a Mr. Hudson, according to published accounts. He apparently lived a hermits life, in a little shack on exactly what is now understood as Dolphin Circle. Although his child became used to the world of spotlights and beauty, film starlet Estelle Taylor, Hudson's daughter, was married to heavy-weight boxing champion, Jack Dempsey. Intrigued by its potential, Loach consented to purchase the Isles of Capri for $350 an acre. He transported potential purchasers to and from the islands on small boats from the very same ferryboat landing at the north end of Marco Island used by pioneering families. Aerial surveys and the preparation of home websites would soon follow. Ironically, when Loach tried to start a day-to- day ferryboat service on a much bigger scale, homeowners at the north of Marco blocked his efforts since the did not want traffic jam. Loach lived long enough to see his dream satisfied, however in 1987, at the age of 80, he caught Parkinson's Disease. Today, Capri is house to about 600 full- time long-term homeowners, and 1,300 seasonal residents.